Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Digital Sketchbook #4

multimedia on multimedia paper

This is different from what I normally post. This work is from my sketchbook. I thought I'd show some of the work that goes into making a painting by showing my sketches.

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Toniqua McKee said...

Hi my name is Toniqua.(ta-knee-qwa) lol had to add the pronunciation, apparently my name isn't spelled the way it sounds to 95% of the human species. I ran across your YouTube channel and felt very inspired. I am a self taught artist from birth but I've been hitting a lot of rough patches and have been experiencing major creative mental block. I feel my biggest problem is that I'm very introverted which may be the cause of my creative blocks and finding someone to understand what I go through is very difficult and frustrating at times but I try to keep pushing forward no matter what. I also am very stubborn when it comes to using technology, most people assume that I am afraid of negative feedback but no I just dislike running into technical difficulties and quickly become discourage with creating any art videos. Even though I know the feedback would really help me improve with my art. So I guess this is a start. You're the first artist that I've reached out to and I feel pretty confident about pursuing my career as a full-time artist. Thanks for being you.