Monday, January 7, 2008


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acrylic on canvas
Sorry guys. I ran in to a few snags trying to get this video out. Thats why its so late.


Belinda Manning said...

I sure hope that this is the first comment after your TuPac offer 'cause I am surely in love with it. Stumbled upon you through Robert Glen's article and video last week. Hope that your show is going well. I am enjoying the videos but I can't imagine putting myself under that kind of pressure. I'm not a painter and my art has only begun to evolve. If you get a chance you can check out my blogs. or

Eric T. Francis said...

Hi Belinda,
Thanks for your interest in the tupac painting.....but someone beat you to it. This schedule im keeping is insane but im getting used to it. Its a habit now. Thanks for viewing my video.